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General Partner Wayne Mackey, a Louisville, KY native and University of KY School of Business graduate, is in charge of the training center barn and all of the racing and training needs for our clients and their horses. Wayne’s expertise lays not only in racing, but in the starting of the young Thoroughbred.   Proud Spell, Champion 3 year old filly in 2008 and Bio Fuel, Canadian Champion 2 year old filly in 2009 are two of Wayne Mackey’s most famous and recent graduates.

General Partner Catherine Perkins, a navy brat, born in California and raised in many places, is in charge of the farm operations.  Catherine got her thoroughbred training from some of the greats.  She galloped for Mackenzie Miller, James Maloney, William Badgett, Elliott Walden ( to name a few)  and was assistant trainer for Mr. Badgett and Mr. Walden.  Catherine attended an equestrian school in England prior to her race track experiences.  Catherine’s vast knowledge and 30 years of riding shine in the manners of the young athletes that are raised and or broken under her watchful eye.  Some of her graduates include:  Formal Gold, Miracle Man, Dina, Kutais, Melissa Jo, Dahl and Polly Jo.

  • Teaching the potential race horse about life on the race track: This includes standing tied while being groomed and touched all over, being bathed, leading, being around other horses and behaving(general manners), galloping, how to stand in the starting  gate, how to break from the starting gate, how to breeze(go fast), etc.
  • Legging up the equine: This means putting a foundation on the horse, getting them fit so that they can begin speed work.  This part of the racehorse’s training usually takes place as they learn their manners and about life at the track.  We would also leg-up after recovery from an injury or time off.
  • Pre and post operation recovery: This may include taking care of the athlete while being confined to the stall, hand walking, medicating in preparation for and or recovering from surgery, changing bandages, taking care of all veterinary contacts and prescribed care.
  • Racing:All the requirements for racing are handled by Perkins-Mackey Stable The horse is prepared for a race, entered, transported to and from and taken care of from start to finish.  There are always openings for horses currently racing but need a change of locations.

Full care includes whatever type of care the equine needs or the owner wants for their horse.  Field turnout, with daily checking and feeding, breaking (teaching the young equine how to be ridden), pre and post operation care, rest and rejuvenation, sales preparation and field training are all types of full care provided.

  • Turnout: horse is brought up to eat, be groomed, checked and rest for about 2-4 hours every day.
  • Rest and rejuvenation: horse is up part of the time, summer they are up days and out nights and winter is the opposite, grooming and normal daily care.
  • Stall bound pre and/or post operation: this includes all care along with bandaging and normal hour medicating.
  • Post operation after stall bound period: this usually includes hand walking (not on a machine) twice a day, grooming, bandaging, grazing and all other normal daily care.
  • Breaking: this process usually takes two months but may vary according to the individual.  We teach the equine to accept the saddle, bridle and rider.  Our goal is that at the end of the athlete’s breaking they will be able to be ridden all over the farm alone or in company, gallop and change leads and be mannerly in everything that is asked of them.
  • Sales preparation: this includes all normal care, with extra grooming, in a stall more that half the day (or night), a strict exercise and feeding program and blanketing (if in the winter, cost of blanket may be extra).
  • Field training: this rate depends on the amount of time the athlete is in the stall and the extent of care involved.  This rate includes a rider one (1) time a day not to exceed one (1) hour of riding time, normal daily care.
  • Retirement: this is a new service that we are offering and price depends on how much care the retiree needs.  A healthy, normal out most of the time, equine would be the quoted rate.  In the winter, rates may increase depending on the amount of feed and hay required to maintain the health of the horse.
  • Additional services: bandaging (when needed), grooming equipment and all daily essentials.

Not included in the above services but provided at additional costs: Transportation, feed supplements, special feeds(if cost is more than what is normally fed), medications, vaccinations, worming, blacksmith, additional after hours medicating or special extra care, halters, fly masks(and sprays) and/or any other out of pocket expenses.


Our rates vary according to the care that is provided.  We feel that our prices are very competitive with other farms and training stables, in many cases providing a better quality (taking our equine backgrounds into consideration) service at a lower cost.  Please call or e-mail for rates.

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