Why Perkins-Mackey Stable?

What makes Perkins-Mackey Stable special and different from many of the others?

Our honesty, work ethic, passion and love for what we do and for the horse, hands on treatment and care of the equines and the quality of this care make Perkins-Mackey Stable special and in many cases different from so many other training and boarding operations.  The fact that we concentrate on the athlete (not on breeding and foaling), we feel, gives the young horse a better start leading into a career of giving his/her heart for us and for the love of running.  From the first day the young horse steps into our care we strive to develop his/her personality, mutual respect and desire to please and the desire to run.

One key element as to how we function is apparent when we discuss the equine’s potential and future with the owner/agent.  We do not believe in prolonging the high cost of raising, recuperating from an injury and/or training, if we feel that it would not be in the best interest of the horse and/or owner.  We don’t think that our owners should throw away money on a horse that shows no potential or has major unsoundness issues.  We believe in telling our owners our opinion and let them decide if they want to keep trying.

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